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    Rising Damp Builders Warranty

    Rising damp (or salt damp) is not the most common form of dampness encountered in buildings; this is left to condensation. However a high proportion of older buildings are affected by rising damp to some degree or another. In general, walls prior to the 1970s did not have damp courses or inferior ones, which allowed the damp to rise in capillary action. Rising damp can be more serious than just causing aesthetic damage, structural damage to the base of the wall can also occur.

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    Condensation and Dampness

    Condensation is by far the most common cause of dampness in buildings, probably accounting for the majority of damp problems reported. It affects both old and new buildings, and can be a significant problem where the building has been modernised. Although it's the most common cause of damp it's not the only cause you may have rising damp. Condensation is directly associated with mould growth which is associated with many health problems.

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    Sub-floor Ventilation

    The modern vents Anti-Damp uses for under floor ventilation provide 8 times more air flow than the old fashion terracotta type vents. They come in 4 different sizes and 4 different colours. Warm air can hold more water as vapour than cool air. One should also be aware that the problem can occur well away from the site of most water vapour production. E.g. water vapour produced in the kitchen may diffuse through the house into a cold bedroom where it will condense on cold walls.

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    Home & Building Inspections

    A specific home inspection is for people who are thinking of buying a new property and require a pre-purchase verbal inspection by someone with 30 years experience in the building trade.We can point out the good and bad points of the building very quickly while you are inspecting and before you commit to buy.Your home is a long term investment and good practical down to earth advice is essential, so $450 this verbal report is great value.

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Rising Damp or Moisture problems - We provide solutions. Call us 1300 301 210

Rising damp

Rising Damp

Moisture problems. We can help, call us for down to earth advice - Call us 1300 301 210

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Condensation Moisture

Home Inspection

Condensation is directly associated with mould growth which causes many health problems.

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Sub-Floor Ventilation

Sub Floor Ventilation

The modern vents Anti-Damp uses for under floor ventilation provide 8 times more air flow

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Hi Barry

I would just like to thank you and Tony and for the great job done on sorting out our under floor ventilation.

Your advice made most sense (of all the companies I got quotes from) and the focus on quality and especially house aesthetics was very refreshing,

Tony, who did the installation of the actual ventilation bricks did a great job! The quality of his work was excellent, he asked the right questions, made some good suggestions and even cleaned up nicely at the end. 

I will wholeheartedly recommend anti-damp to anyone who has underfloor ventilation issues.

Kind regards Dimitri

Barry and the team were very helpful in giving specific advice for our situation. Not only did they do a fantastic job with the vents to keep the under house area dry but also recommended builders and spoke to them on our behalf to further solve our damp issues. Great service and they came and went and kept things neat and tidy. Highly recommend barry to give advice about damp issues you may have. 

The builders HBuild  Huw principal


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